Do You Know A Bro... Named Noah Broe???

Like a sampler plate from some fine international restaurant, Noah Broe’s music is imbued with a cross-section of flavors, textures and colors, some of them reassuringly familiar, others wonderfully intriguing. And after that first taste, you only want more.

Whether he’s playing solo with his acoustic guitar and effects pedals, or fronting the eclectic band that bears his name, Noah Broe is all about the groove. His music incorporates elements of rock, jazz, reggae and other musical genres, but he’s an incorrigible funkmeister at heart. He’s proud to refer to the Noah Broe Band as a jam band. “So many styles of music can fit into that category,” he explains. “I want there to be something for everyone in our show … and I want to make people dance.”

A native of New Port Richey, FL, Noah can’t remember a time when there wasn’t music in the room. His father, a jazz fan, played drums, and his stepdad, a guitarist, taught him his first chords. Mom took her impressionable son to see Earth, Wind & Fire, Eric Clapton and shows by numerous blues and reggae bands. The influences rained down: “I spent many hours in my room, working out guitar parts to Pink Floyd songs or the Beatles, Led Zeppelin, stuff like that,” he explains. “When I was about 16, I started learning songs by the band Sublime, and I started singing more.  I liked the mix of punk, reggae and hip hop styles - and along with many others my age, the band was just plain inspiring to me.”

As a solo singer/songwriter, like his fellow artists Zach Deputy, Keller Williams or Brock Butler, Noah Broe is impossible to pigeonhole. He is a monster guitarist whose flying hands never seem to land in the same place twice; he is an engaging singer; he is a consummate showman.

And it won’t be long before Noah Broe is turned loose in the recording studio. “I really have at least three albums of good material to record, because I write in so many different styles,” he says. “I would like to get done with a folk record, a reggae-rock record and a rock-funk-fusion-jam record ASAP.  It’ll happen in time!”